happy christmas!

God bless us, everyone!

tasty travels

I'm not much of a globe trotter. I've only been on a plane once and that was just last year when my boyfriend and I took a week's vacation to Rome. I'd love to do more traveling but it's so easy for work and life to take priority. However, home offers so many of it's own adventures, especially when it comes to trying new food. So many people complain that there's "nothing to do in Ottawa" which causes me to get this overwhelming urge to smack 'em in the back of the head. Ottawa is a great city! Small enough that it's not intimidating, but for Ottawa's size it's oozing with culture, fashion conscious and excitement. And great food!

I LOVE going out for a meal. A quality meal. Now, I don't have endless funds to spend on ritzy dinning, so I'm pretty picky when deciding on where to eat as not to waste dough on bad dough, you know? (chuckle). I actually started a list of restaurants I want to try, most of which are those you just hear about through the grape-vine, and as I get to trying them out, they either get a "star" or "highlight" and "delete". Since I started my list though, I don't think I've encountered anything needing to be deleted.
Anywho, from time to time I'd like to post about the restaurants that deserve to be talked about. And Ottawa's got lots!

I think I should point out that when it comes to dinning out, I'm a little bias. Biased about breakfast. There's just something so comforting about waking up on a weekend morning, after a long night of dancing, and heading out for the day's first meal. Maybe it's the fact that it's someone else preparing it and taking care of the dishes? Or maybe because breakfast is less pretentious than his brothers - it's socially acceptable to enjoy this meal make-up free, in a cozy sweater with untamed hair.

The lovely vegetarian platter you see here is from my first brunch visit a little while back to Imperial Food and Beverages on Bank Street. I'd been wanting to try this place for some time and finally my boyfriend, sister and I gave it a go. And we were not disappointed. I had the vegetarian breakfast (sweet potato frittata), while the other two got the carnivorous breakfasts (2 eggs, double smoked bacon, grilled ham and house sausage); additionally, both meals are served with a roasted tomato Provencal, sauteed mushrooms, breakfast potatoes and buttered grilled baguette...they must have been out of baguette that day, but man oh man it was delish! I gave it a big "star".

What I love about Imperial is they use local and organic suppliers as much as possible and the coffee is fair-trade. There is also a vegan option which consists of blueberry pancakes with whipped banana coconut filling. I will be trying that on my next visit, sounds amazing! Oh and just so you know, they are also open for lunch and dinner.


my very first recipe post ever, ever!

Firstly, you'll have to forgive me for such a terrible photo. I had to use my cell phone since I have no idea where the battery charger for my camera went. I also didn't cut them too impressively now that I look at it. Please don't let it discourage you from trying this recipe...pretty please?

Now on to the food!
My Mom is a wonderful cook and very supportive of my creating a food blog so I would like to dedicate my first post to her. Mom's been making these delicious squares for years and I'd anticipate them with every special occasion. These contain sweetened condensed milk which, by heating it with the butter and sugar, turns into a sort of dolce de lecce. There is a special place in my heart for sweetened condensed milk. I would drink the stuff right out of the can if it didn't seem like such a sin. Heck, I'd pump it directly into my veins if I could!

These are super easy and super delicious! Perfect for Christmas too! And yes, they will impress people (wink).

Millionaire Shortbreads


Biscuit Base:
1/2 cup butter (room temperature)
2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup condensed milk
1 Tbsp golden syrup (I omit this...too evil for my liking)

Chocolate Topping:
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate

Preheat oven to 375F.
Biscuit Base: Cream butter and sugar. Mix in flour and baking powder. Spread in 8x8" baking dish and bake lightly for 10 minutes.

Topping: Put ingredients in a heavy, medium sized saucepan. Bring to boiling point, stirring constantly. Boil for 3 minutes, still stirring mixture. Pour over the base and allow to cool.

Chocolate Topping: Melt chocolate pieces in a saucepan or double-boiler. Once melted pour over previous topping and cool in the refrigerator.

Cut into squares and enjoy!

new beginnings

Hello fellow food lovies!

It's taken me some time, but I've finally taken the leap and created my very own food blog! I've been a blog follower for some time now but am ever so excited to step into the blog world personally and share favorite recipes and create new favorites!

I love to cook, bake and eat (too much of the later sometimes). Most of all I love to share my creations with loved ones - I'm the happiest knowing I've nourished tummy and soul. In a world of fast, over-processed foods it's hard to substitute the love that comes from a nourishing home-cooked meal. I absolutely believe that meals are not simply fuel for the body, but also for the soul, the heart and the mind.

Please grant me some patience as I learn my way around the blog :)
Now let's EAT!