prosciutto, gala, old cheddar grilled cheese sandwich

Why, hello there handsome sandwich, so lovely to meet you. Even better to EAT you!

love grilled cheese sandwiches. Lately, I've been buying grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches from the cafeteria at work when I forget, nay, am too lazy to prepare a lunch for myself. There is so much more to a grilled cheese sandwich than the name; so many opportunities to mix and match ingredients and create new flavours.

I had the inspiration to make a grilled cheese sandwich with sharp, old cheddar cheese, salty prosciutto and sweet Gala apple. To be honest, I was thinking about it and salivating my entire walk home from work one afternoon. I remember that walk like it was yesterday. It was torture.

This sandwich was certainly delicious, but I was wishing I'd added a little more sweet since the cheese and prosciutto were quite salty. The apple wasn't quite sweet enough on its own, he needed back-up. I often dip my grilled cheese in some (evil) ketchup, but this sandwich needed something more. So, instead of the ketchup I used my Mom's home-made cranberry chutney and man it was good! I think I'll try adding the chutney right into the sandwich on my next grilled cheese adventure.

Another combination that I adore is blue cheese and pear and I have an amazing recipe for a grilled blue cheese and pear sandwich with port reduction. But I'm saving that one for a later date. Suspense people!

prosciutto, gala, old cheddar grilled cheese sandwich

ingredients: (personalize the amounts to your taste)

2 slices bread (any type you like)
thin slices of Prosciutto
thin slices of Gala Apple
slices of aged cheddar cheese


Heat a fry pan on medium heat. Butter one side of each piece of bread and layer the prosciutto, apple and cheddar cheese. Add to fry pan, butter side out and fry until bread is golden and crispy and cheese is melted.

*Try adding chutney, honey mustard or apple butter to add a little more sweet to the sandwich.

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